Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Segar's Visit to Singapore

It is our pleasure to invite Segar for a get-together dinner with him on his working visit to Singapore. Some have not seen him since 1968 while most of us have not seen him since 1970, the year we left Ledang English Secondary School, now called Sekolah Menengah Ledang after going through the Malaysianisation process.
This picture was taken inside the restaurant, Iniaval Pte Ltd at 37 Chander Road, which is off Race Course Road in the heart of Little India on 16 January 2007.
Here, there were 9 of us: Nerine Seng, Yuet Ngor, Bee Huan, Segar, Choon Foi, Chong Cher, Pak Chong, Kim Teck and Lee Siong. The weather was good compared to all the raining over the last few days.
We had our chicken nasi briani on banana-leave meals and some other add-ons to go with lime juices.
The nasi briani, not too oily and just about right spices, just like those you get in South India. Ask Pak Chong how it was, and he would like to have another round, except that the tummy's out of space.

Talking about youngest wife, Ledang girls...some of those secrets out in the open for the first time.
All the subjects, from A to Z of the past got thrown into sound waves. Noisy crowd, but when The Tempest and Prospero were discussed, you cannot but recalled what has passed.
Sometimes you will run out of steam, so just relax.
And some fruits to end the day too. We wish Segar a safe and pleasant journey home on 18 Jan. and wish him all the best in his new job as CEO of Alcatel Asia-Pacific.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wedding Bash in Singapore

Angela Oon's Wedding
October 28, 2006 was a special day for Chee Nong and his family. His daughter, Angela was married to Daniel at the Church of St. Mary of the Angels, a catholic church located in Bukit Batok.
Some of our classmates attended this church wedding.

Photo for the album This group photo of those attending the ceremony:
Standing from left: Chong Cher, Chee Nong, Chee Koon, Yuet Ngor.
Seated: Lee Siong and wife, Choon Foi, Ah Ngoh.

Group photo with Sylvia(Chee Nong's wife) on the left and Ah Ngoh's husband, Quek on the right.

Private talks Choon Foi, Chee Nong, Quek and wife Ah Ngoh.

Proud Parents of the Day Sharing some light moments... maybe the good o' days in UK.
Giving some Tips Hey, let me tell you a thing or two... are you sure?

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome Ong Siew Chuan to Singapore

We welcome Siew Chuan to Singapore, having arrived in Singapore on 2nd June, 2006. Choon Foi arranged for a small 'makan' for him, and here we are, 4 of us meeting at the Meritus Mandarin Singapore, 333 Orchard Road. We met at Treple Three, The Buffet Restaurant at 3.00pm 3rd June 2006 for high-tea.
Yuet Ngor took this picture. Myself at the left with Choon Foi and Siew Chuan at the 'mahjong'-like table.
This is Ong Siew Chuan @ 54! It will be something like over 30 years since many of us last saw him. Now, an IT expert residing in Houston, Texas, USA., and you know, IT is a hot commodity nowadays.
Wondering why they look so serious. Maybe cameraman fogot to say 'cheese'.
Even with 2 hours of talking about the good old days, it is still business not complete and we have to move on as the restaurant is closed for buffet and to be opened for diners. Not enough time for Choon Foi to get his portion of fruits and ice-cream to finish off his meal.
We adjourned to the Top-of-the-M at 35th storey to continue the chat.

We are now at the 35th floor, pouring over a thick stack of old memories that Choon Foi has lugged along. You can see the Singapore skyline at the background.

Another round of drinks and the good old days continued, now with companion of the photos.

Highlites of the old photos is a must, otherwise how can the blogger get to post and comment on them? Choon Foi doing the hard work so that you will be able to see them soon. So look out on your e-mail.

We dispersed at about 7.00pm and wishing Siew Chuan a safe and pleasant onward journey.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


One photo for the album. Can you guess who we are?
OK, seated from left:Lim Bee Huan, Huang Yuet Ngor,
Seng Ah Ngoh and Gan Chong Cher.

Standing from left:Choo Ngian Hee, Oon Chee Nong, Chong

Pak Chong, Wong Lee Siong, Low Choon Foi and Chua Kim Teck.

Wong Lee Siong and Peace be with Choo Ngian Hee.

Low Choon Foi, Choo Ngian Hee & Wife, Seng Ah Ngoh(standing)
and Lim Bee Huan(seated).

Huang Yuet Ngor(left) and Seng Ah Ngoh

Closer view, now you know who is who!

Seng Ah Ngoh, Gan Chong Cher, Low Choon Foi, Chua Kim Teck,
Chong Pak Chong and Wong Lee Siong.

The Hyflux story is too good to miss!

Seng Ah Ngoh, Gan Chong Cher and Oon Chee Nong
others all hidden.

Nasi Briani, tandoori chicken, prawns ..... all on

banana leaves to go with lime drink!

Looking at the old photos from Lim Bee Huan

Choo Niang Hee's wife, Lim Bee Huan, Huang Yuet Ngor
and Seng Ah Ngoh

Oon Chee Nong, Seng Ah Ngoh and Gan Chong Cher