Saturday, December 31, 2005


One photo for the album. Can you guess who we are?
OK, seated from left:Lim Bee Huan, Huang Yuet Ngor,
Seng Ah Ngoh and Gan Chong Cher.

Standing from left:Choo Ngian Hee, Oon Chee Nong, Chong

Pak Chong, Wong Lee Siong, Low Choon Foi and Chua Kim Teck.

Wong Lee Siong and Peace be with Choo Ngian Hee.

Low Choon Foi, Choo Ngian Hee & Wife, Seng Ah Ngoh(standing)
and Lim Bee Huan(seated).

Huang Yuet Ngor(left) and Seng Ah Ngoh

Closer view, now you know who is who!

Seng Ah Ngoh, Gan Chong Cher, Low Choon Foi, Chua Kim Teck,
Chong Pak Chong and Wong Lee Siong.

The Hyflux story is too good to miss!

Seng Ah Ngoh, Gan Chong Cher and Oon Chee Nong
others all hidden.

Nasi Briani, tandoori chicken, prawns ..... all on

banana leaves to go with lime drink!

Looking at the old photos from Lim Bee Huan

Choo Niang Hee's wife, Lim Bee Huan, Huang Yuet Ngor
and Seng Ah Ngoh

Oon Chee Nong, Seng Ah Ngoh and Gan Chong Cher


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